(Duo Improv) Chicago, IL

BASSPROV, featuring legendary improvisers and teachers Joe Bill and Mark Sutton, is a two-person longform improvisational comedy show comprised of two Characters, Donny Weaver (Sutton) and Earl Hinkle (Bill). On occasion , the duo are accompanied by a special guest performer playing either a Character from (fictitious) Manmore County or a "Cousin"

Donny and Earl (and their guest), sit in a 'boat' on stage, are fishing, drinking beer, and improvising stories based on several audience suggestions. They set up the audience with "good old boy" characters and then blow them away with intelligent debate, and often poignant insight into life in modern times.

Friday, January 18 @ 11:00 pm - MAIN STAGE   Tickets $20  BUY TICKETS
Saturday, January 19 @ 10:00 pm - MAIN STAGE   Tickets $20  BUY TICKETS